Our mission is not only to build strong, beautiful and functional products for our customers, but also to build long lasting and trustworthy relationships. Most of our projects come from word of mouth recommendations, so it's important that we do our job well. We also believe in working with only premium materials in order to deliver a truly great end product - every time.


Rental of dump trucks, excavator, welder and concrete mixer, compactor, jackhammer and scaffolding


You can rent from us for a low cost when we provide 70% of construction material No matter what type of project we can handle as we are well equipped with heavy equipment and the best team around the Jacmel area. We can better support, develop any infrastructure and at a cheaper rate since we are well trained and have over 20 years of experience working in the United States. Now, being a true leader in sourcing materials and heavy equipment in our hometown of Jacmel, enjoy the experiences we bring to you.


Water supply and purified water


Bal Enterprises, has provided a range of services in the water industry, mastering the distribution of portable and purified water to medium and large domestic, hotel, school and government facilities. No matter the location, our custom 4x4 chucks for rough terrain will get the job done.


Hollow blocks of concrete, gravel, stone, sand, gravel and pavers

Our concrete blocks are made to last and we don't make corners. We make sure our concrete blocks, bricks and pavers will outlast anyone because of our job techniques, the ingenuity of our materials and more layers of cement concentrations. Thanks to our rapid and mobile deployment, you will quickly see the difference in our expertise.

We are also proud to be a true supplier of all types of sand, earth fill, stone and gravel to the industry.


Off-Grid Power Solution - Inverter, Solar Panel and Solar Battery


We are well ahead of our competition, we will provide all off-grid electrical systems to you. We carry a bulk load of well-known branded power inverters (Trace, Xantrex, Heart Interface, Magnum, Fleet ProMariner and Koltek.)

Note: This is beyond any prejudice, we only supply American made materials to our customers as this is the market we know and have been trained in and thought to deliver with pride, satisfaction and confidence.